This project was generated using Nx. This project was built using nebular.


  • i18n, Multi-Lingual Support
  • SSG, Static Site Generator
  • SSR, Server-Side Rendering
  • Federated SSO, Multiple OpenID Connect(OIDC) providers.
  • Google Analytics
  • ng deploy with Firebase Hosting
  • Routing animations for nested routes and Blog posts
  • Storybooks
  • 🚫💩 — Run linters on git staged files
## gen i18n
ng xi18n webapp
## serve
ng serve webapp --configuration=es
ng serve webapp --configuration=hi
## build
ng build webapp --configuration=hi
# You can also build the app with a specific locale:
ng build webapp --configuration=production,es
# build all
ng build --localize
ng build --prod --localize


Blog module based d-koppenhagen's Repo.

I am using it here for testing with nx monorepo and reporting issues.

# build angular
ng build
# build scully blog
yarn run scully
# serve static content
yarn run lite-server

# Or do all with:
yarn run scully:all
# setup blog
ng g @scullyio/init:markdown --name="blog"  --source-dir="libs/blog/posts" --route="home/blog"
# create blog post from template
ng g @scullyio/init:post --name="This is my post" --target=libs/blog/posts --meta-data-file="libs/blog/blog-post-template.yaml"


Run ng deploy to deploy demo app to firebase.

Analyzing bundle size yarn bundle-report

Analyzing and Visualizing the Dependency Graph (affected modules by uncommitted changes)

nx affected:dep-graph

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